Fatafeat Magazine

Everyone who likes to eat, to cook and those who believe in Fatafeat’s call to Enjoy Life.

Fatafeat Magazine in a word: An Arabic cookbook in magazine format. High quality photography, food styling and fatafeat’s promise of “guaranteed to work” recipes, everytime. Every month the issue will have more than 80 recipes with photos.

  • Exposure in a unique vehicle targeting the highest spenders: “WOMEN”
  • Reach a targeted audience of food and Fatafeat lovers
  • Integrate your marketing communications to maximize your in-store visibility

Fatafeat Online

  • Fatafeat.com is one of the largest Arabic websites offering more than 5000 recipes. Fatafeat.com also offers more than 400 cooking videos (Video On Demand).
  • Fatafeat.com has over five hundred thousand visitors per month.
  • Fatafeat.com has one of the longest time on site at an average of 10.42 minutes.
  • Fatafeat.com has over three hundred thousand unique visitors per month.

Arreyadi NP

  • The sportsman in Arabic.
  • Date of establishment: 2006
  • Ranking: No 2 as Sports NP
  • Target Audience: Saudi Male
  • Aims to be the leading Arabic-language sport newspaper in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Fatafeat tv

Our slogan says it all: Al Hayat Helwa. Our core value is our belief that food is the heart and soul of life and cooking is the heart and soul of food. Good living is joy, laughter and lots of conversations on the dinner table where the simplest meal is laid out for loved ones. Fatafeat TV brings stress-free, fun and enjoyable programs for its viewers.

Launched on 26 Dec 2006, Fatafeat TV is the first and only food channel in the Middle East; enriching the lives of people by bringing passion for cooking to their homes and serving good living and happy times to over 350 million Arabs, all across the Middle East and North Africa. Fatafeat TV is a free to air on Nilesat Pol V 12341.

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